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ART iZ...hopes to enthuse and infuse viewers with an opportunity to look at one artist's ability to draw from her subconscious experiences and perceptions of the world both within and outside herself.

In the spirit of drawings like Where's Waldo and Hidden Pictures from Highlight Magazine, you can spot images and objects that you see in your everyday life.

Amy Steinmetz's designs are created in pen and ink first, and then brought to life in papercuts and 3D images.

All designs have great versatility and can be used for:

  • textiles
  • graphics
  • placemats
  • greeting cards
  • wrapping paper
  • skis
  • snowboards
  • stained glass
  • and so much more!

No two the same.

If you have any question email us at

or call Amy at 508/ 380-0889

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